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Miss Trunchbull - Questions

Miss Trunchbull - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is Miss Trunchbull's first name?
a) Agnes b) Angel 
c) Agatha d) Miss

2) What school is she the Principal at?
a) Crunchem Hall b) 1972 Olympics
c) Pt England School d) Trick Question, she is not a principal.

3) Who wrote the original character?
a) Matilda b) Roald Dahl
c) Wikipedia d) Matt Goodwin (Go Green)

4) How do other teachers feel about Miss Trunchbull?
a) They are scared of her b) Normal, she’s only mean to kids

5) In the sentence “...known for her brutal discipline...”, what does discipline mean?
a) Anger b) Horrible
c) Cute d) Punishment

6) Which of these is not a punishment that the Trunchbull would do: 
a) Stretch a kids ears b) Lock a kid in the Chokey
c) Throw a kid over a fence d) Trick questions, she would do all of these things.

7) What is Miss Trunchbull afraid of:
a) Ghosts b) Covid-19
c) Spiders d) Miss Parrant

8) Do you think Miss Trunchbull should be a Principal of a school? 
 a) Yes b) No

Why? Because she locks them up in the Chokey and she killed one of the teachers dad and did not do anything about it.Then she got one of the kids ponytails and spain her around and around then threw her off the fence and she is horrible to the kids.

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